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Graphic Overlays are custom produced according to our customers specifications.

Materials: Various thicknesses and textures of Lexan, (polycarbonate) and polyester are used to make overlays. 

Printing:    For specific color matching we use the Pantone Color Matching System, (PMS.)  Overlays are printed on the 2nd surface (or underneath side) of the material.  This enables the ink to be sandwiched between the material and the adhesive so it is protected from damage. 

Adhesive:  We stock a wide variety of 3M adhesives that can be applied to the back of your overlay.  We can apply the adhesive in a solid sheet or with zoned areas where no adhesive will be present. Our experts can help you find the type of adhesive that will be the most effective for your application.

To Die Cut or Not To Die Cut:
Using an electric shear we can cut straight edge overlays generally holding .010" - .015" tolerances.  If more precise tolerances, custom shapes or internal cutouts are required, a steel rule die is required for cutting.  We recommend die cutting an overlay that will fit into a recessed area on your product to ensure the best fit.

Embossing:  Using a die set we can emboss or deboss specific areas on your overlay.
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